Covid-19 Statement 

At Bluelight Wills, we are keeping a close eye on how the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) develops and we understand the concern that this may cause you and your family, as well as the impact it is having on our business. 

Taking instructions remotely through Zoom or WhatsApp. 

We are able to take instructions remotely through Zoom or WhatsApp face-to-face meetings. Here is some guidance from our accredited body.

When Taking instructions remotely

  • As with all cases we are ensuring that we carry out the relevant capacity checks before we proceed taking instructions and that this will be recorded on the instruction form.

  • We have put in place Zoom and WhatsApp video calling as this will enable us to confirm that the client is who they say they are. Where this is not possible, such as we are taking the instructions by telephone, we will need to be assured that we are speaking to the testator (the client).

  • Record any other persons who may be present whilst taking the instructions – ask the client this question and record it on the instruction form.

  • We have put in place a method in order to check the clients ID (Driving License, Passport of Utility Bill within the last 3 months) to prevent impersonation of the testator.

  • We are using WeTransfer (this is a secure facility) or the post when sending personally identifiable information to clients.

  • We are asking clients to complete a basic questionnaire prior to the instruction taking, via a telephone call. This will enable us to check the facts.

  • When taking instructions for a couple, we will ask to speak to both clients to ensure that the instructions are the wishes of both.

  • We will also send out useful information leaflets out to the clients to guarantee that clients are properly informed and fully understand, particularly where trusts are involved.

  • We will record and retain all information, including file notes and the instructions as we normally would and for the same length of time as face-to-face meetings.

  • We have adapted our terms of business to reflect the way we are working.

Remote Attestation of Wills

  • As we are not attending the attestation (signing of the Will) of the Will in person, we will be providing in-depth attestation instructions in a covering letter, along with a copy of ‘Signing your Will’ guidance leaflet to confirm that the clients have a clear understanding.
  • We have put in place a procedure for monitoring the attestation of the Will: we request that a copy of the Will is sent back to us or that a photo of the attestation page is taken, for checking and this will then provide us peace of mind. If the clients do not have a scanner, they could use their mobile phone to take photos of the document.
  • When the Remote Attestation forms are completed we ask that the original is returned to us.

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